Articulate, Stuttering Obama Trashes Trump With An Oxymoron


Obama stuttering mess

Elkhart In (Storch Report) —  Mr. articulate Obama, couldn’t get past the word ‘it’ much like President Clinton couldn’t get past the word ‘is’ some years ago as the teleprompter got stuck in a stuttering fit while he was trashing Trump for Hillary on a political stump in Indiana yesterday.

I would not write this column if the man were humble and not arrogant, was not president of the United States, who apologized to the world for the virtues of the United States and did his best in eight years to destroy America.

All of this while he believes he delivered change for the better through executive orders, while Trump is promising to strike his executive orders with the stroke of a pen upon his first day in the White House.

It is necessary for you to see this stuttering video fit  of President Obama before I go on, this is how disturbed Obama can become when a man comes along that wants to right a wrong.

It’s enough to make a young man with gray hair stutter.

It is not my style to poke fun at anyone with a handicap, for I have now grown old enough to develop handicaps of my own and my tendency is to have empathy for the likes of us.

However, when Obama’s arrogant silver tongue rhetoric through his readings and theatrics off a teleprompter falters when making extemporaneously comments it is worthy of comment.

After all, his ‘hope and change’ was not for the better, although he might think so.

His recovery from a recession was the worst in the nation’s history.

The transparency he promised never developed, cover-up was more of the strategy of the administration.

He destroyed the credibility of the Justice Department with the appointment of Holder and the subsequent program of ‘fast and furious’ resulting in deaths of Americans, one of the first of Obama’s cover-ups.

Then we had the IRS targeting conservative organizations for a variety of bogus violations, resulting in the resignations of a number of high ranking employees, one of which pleaded the fifth, a clear indication of guilt.

Then there was the fiasco of the Veterans Administration, where those that served our nation had to stand in line and die before they received the medical care they deserved.

Obama’s legacy could be wrapped-up with the cover-up of Benghazi, a deal between then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Obama.  To this day, no one knows where each of them were when the attack took place on an outpost in Benghazi, an attack by al Qaeda that killed four Americans including the Ambassador to Libya.

Hillary and Obama both told us at the time it was a result of a demonstration over a film that was critical of Allah — it was a lie and both knew it at the time.

Is it any wonder that Obama is stuttering stumping for Hillary against Trump — a man that tells it like it is?





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  1. norman says:

    I don’t want to comment on your mostly mindless “facts”, because you have written on a much more vital subject in a previous article; that being Jersey pigs. I for one miss the stench that begins to seep into your car exits before and after the pig farm exit. Most people start rolling up their windows at the first signs of what they consider offensive odors, I rolled mine down. To me Jersey hasn’t been the same since the development of the meadowlands with its modern industrial sections, high priced condos, shopping malls, restaurants. Why lose your unique identity to conformity? It’s not the Jersey that I once knew and loved.
    But there is promising news. My sources confide that Trump is on the verge of naming Chris Christie as pig czar with the sole purpose of restoring pigs to the meadowlands. This would require building a Trump pig wall to keep out further developers unless the pig wall would have Trump in huge letters along the top of the really huge wall.
    Some say that Christie has unique qualities to be the pig czar, but if I list them I may have a three hour traffic jam crossing the GW Bridge.

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