America Was Gruberised And Vulcanized By Obamacare

GruberizedWashington DC (Storch Report) — Joathan Gruber, that smart PhD from MIT who arrogantly calls others stupid over buying into his deceptive model of Obamacare obviously designed to deceive the American people, collects federal money from the government for his services, which could possibly lead to charges of fraud, but denies to call the Affordable Care Act a tax, which has so been defined by the Supreme Court, or to disclose how much he received in payment for being the architect, which he now denies, but has profited from by past clients, apologies for his ‘mean and insulting’ comments today.

What DC Kabuki theater. 

Gruber vulcanized Obamacare, taking it from a possible natural state to something other than it was portrayed to be, then it was Gruberized as a model acceptable to the people.  President Obama sold it to Congress and the people, both of which didn’t have a chance to read the bill before it was passed by a Democratic controlled Congress and Gruber subsequently called the people ‘stupid.’

My, how appalling when one thinks this is a professor teaching the leaders of tomorrow from the prestigious platform of MIT.

The Gruber model is in fact a ‘redistribution of wealth’ the core of what Obama campaigned upon and discussed with ‘Joe the plumber.’

Joe knew what he was talking about, Obama knew where he was taking a nation and he found an MIT professor to Gruberize and vulcanize Obmacare.

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