America Needs To Return To Its Self



Washington DC (Storch Report) — America is an elegant nation, we need to return to its promise.

We are a nation of immigrants.  God blessed us from our beginning and we better begin to understand that.

We are fortunate to come from forefathers that founded a democracy, that developed a constitution of the United States that gives us the privileges that few people in the world benefit from.

They gave us rights that people around the world don’t have, and that we still benefit from.

Yet, we have divisiveness the likes of which is worse than we have witnessed in recent decades.

Leadership in America is absent, unfortunately.

It is divisive, and more so since Obama has been president of the United States.

It is a progressive, administration, of Alinsky influence.

On the horizon is more of the same in Hillary Clinton — a criminal yet to be indicted — and Bernie Saunders — a socialist/communist.

Not exactly a promising future on that side of the isle.

I don’t have much promising to say about the other side of the equation — that is the Republicans — and I am a conservative by instinct.

But, to me, honesty is more important than political party and America is more important to me than either.

We are at critical crossroads in the United States, we have never always had the perfect candidate to be president.

For more often I have found myself voting the lesser of two evils.

I never understood why that should be.  You see in corporations we seem to vet candidates for CEO better than we do a President of the United States.

And so here we are again, looking at the lesser of the lessers and not necessarily the evils.

There is angry in the United States, and there should well be, but then again there shouldn’t be.  I think there is angry in the World, and there again there should well be. Obviously, the world is not perfect, nor should we expect it to be.  But we should expect more from world leaders.

Donald Trump, the entrepreneur, has tapped into that anger and despite his crude, non-presidential approach to resonate with the public has achieved a goal by touching a nerve that is reaching the American public.

Perhaps it is time for America to transcend to the dramatic rather than to capitulate to the establishment, which has failed to deliver the promises of America.

Perhaps it is time to return Elegance to America in some form other than what the establishment has had in mind for us, without our approval.











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