America Is Over Media-Saturated From Both Sides Of The Political Spectrum


New York (Storch Report)  – Yes, we have come to a time because of the divergence of progressive political forces that socially we are over media-saturated with an over-abundance of overwhelming negative news, but in a period of good economic times.

It has come to a point where even the prestigious New York Times is reporting non-news events.

Imagine, the paper whose slogan is ‘all the news that’s fit to print’ now publishes a non-news event. It is much like the ‘entrapment’ of a citizen of a criminal act that didn’t take place.

The Times, as we know, makes every effort it can to bring down the Trump presidency as an arm of the progressive movement, and is now reporting about something that might have been discussed in the Trump White House, according to undisclosed sources, that never happened.

The non-event alleged is that Trump privately discussed the firing of Special Counsel Mueller, a plausible discussion under the circumstances of political happenings, but in fact it never happened.

Is this news, it is debatable?  But more importantly is it news with a motive, and, it is old news and should it have been reported ?

That is more significant. 

Was this disclosure timed by progressives in collusion with the New York Times to coincide with Trump’s successful keynote address at the World Economic Conference at Davos, Switzerland, and that coincidentally is how it all happened?

The real question here is this good journalism? The motive is obvious, it is overtly political and is as obvious as the fix that was in to cover-up the Hillary Clinton scandal by the FBI of the emails of confidential information on a private server.

It is interesting to note that the very collusion with Russia that Mueller is investigating Trump for, appears to be taking place among the FBI he once headed.

As we say in this millennium generation, ‘what goes around comes around.’

Oh, how I hate these sick cliche’s.





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