A Fly Landed On Donald Trump’s Hair


fly like drone 2

Anaheim Ca (Storch Report) — A fly landed on Donald Trump’s hair today while delivering a stump speech in Anaheim, California.

It made a nice landing on the front portion of his blow-dryed pomp and despite the apparent sticky hairspray, it did a walk-a-about on his head.

The Donald never felt the landing, the bouffant hair style apparently softened the touchdown.

After a few minutes of his walk-about despite the sticky goo holding the strands of blonde hair together, the fly was able to take off again unnoticed.

After some investigative sleuthing, we found out it wasn’t a fly — it was a drone sent in by the Clinton campaign to better understand the new brand of politics Trump is bringing to presidential campaigns.

An informant who requested anonymity said that Hillary wanted to capture through drone telepathy technology the Trumpisms that swirl through his mind so she could head him off at the pass as the campaign comes to a finality.

I was quite surprised at the sophisticated tactics being employed by the Clintons’ in light of the email/server fiasco she became entangled in as Secretary of State.

I asked the mole what they put on the drone fly’s feet so it wouldn’t become entrapped in the security Trump hair-net and he said Teflon.

Then the bottom fell out of my story, the fly that I saw on the Donald’s head in Anaheim, that I confirmed was a drone by the Hillary campaign, was in fact a fly crawling on my 80-inch flat screen TV.

Can’t anyone tell the truth anymore?



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