“A Clever Thought-Provoking Collection Of Satire,” Says Gasparilla Magazine

New Book DS“A clever thought-provoking collection of satire,” is what Boca Grande Florida’s Gasparilla Magazine called the book,”If a passive-progressive leads from behind he is a double oxymoron,” by Manasota Key author Don Storch, in its March/April issue.

The reviewer, Jonathan Herbert, notes that the book is a collection of satire selected from columns written by Storch reflecting upon the past six years of the Obama administration, on his website DonStorch.com under the imprimatur the Storch Report.

The book is also interspersed with columns off the beaten path, but reflecting the period of time.

“His columns range from complaining about snowbirds on Manasota Key and White House Beer, to explaining what a tax is to the President,” said Herbert.

In a column written on July 5, 2012 he said, “Tax is what pays one of your salaries now, and could pay the other tomorrow.  It is what you collect from the people you serve, fly around the world on Air Force One apologizing for us and taking vacations on us with all the perks that go along with the job.  It is what you collect from the people to run up a $16 (now at $18 trillion) deficit spending more than you take in . . .”

“Don created the Storch Report in 2000,” said Herbert,”a conservative commentary and satire on national and global news which also includes local news from Englewood and Manasota Key.  Storch said he started it, ‘as a hobby preparing to phase into retirement and return to the passion of my life, journalism.’ “

“He has a political voice that truly resonates with a national, conservative audience, especially with fellow Floridians and many consider his Manasota Key Musings segment to be a must read.”  Herbert went on to say, “Every column in this book gives the reader something to laugh about, something new to learn, and something real from a professional journalist with a truly patriotic point of view.”

Herbert said in the feature, “his unique version of political satire is read in over over 50 countries.  He has a passion for both America and his home state of Florida that elevates his writing.”

Storch said during the interview, “I believe my style and version of satire delivers my conservative political messages in short and hopefully humorous bytes.  We live in a fast-paced world with an instantaneous news cycle today where everyone is a journalist, with the advent of bloggers and social media.  I try to make my news links and columns relevant and timely.  There is no bureaucracy in my operation, just one check and balance – me!”

The book is available on Amazon.com; CreateSpace eStore; book stores and online retailers.

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