70 Years After The Greatest Atrocity In History Antisemitism Is Still Alive And Well

AuschwitzAuschwitz (Storch Report) — Yesterday there were some 100 survivors who made their final pilgrimage to the death camp of Auschwitz where one million Jews were murdered by the pure insanity of Adolph Hitler’s Nazi Germany 70 years ago, and while this very commemoration was taking place, antisemitism was alive and well and flourishing in Europe.  Jews were once again fleeing Paris, as they were in the late 1930’s.

I find it incomprehensible that humans do not learn from the past.  It’s called history.  Leaders of the world seem to make the same mistakes their predecessors made. Do they not have any comprehension of the leadership they sought, the promises they made and the morality for humanity they need to live up to?

My teachers would be proud to think I developed such a penchant for history, especially for the period in which I live.

You see I grew up in a neighborhood where I was the only gentile in a community of Jews.  They went to a Synagogue, I went to a Church.  It didn’t make a difference. They were my playmates, my friends.  I played hide and seek with them, kick the can and stoop ball.

Imagine, mentioning those games to a generation of today.   They wouldn’t know what I was talking about.  In fact, when Americans are questioned about who the first president of the United States was, what the name of the National Anthem is, nor who attacked Pearl Harbor, they do not know the answers.

When World War II was over I was 11 years old, I had some idea of the impact of the Great Depression, the War; my close relatives served in the military landed on the beaches of the Pacific in Guam, Guadalcanal and fought in the European Theater.

But that was yesterday and this is today.  And a handful of survivors made a half-mile walk through falling snow to the main memorial at Auschwitz, perhaps for some the first and the last time since they were in the camp of hell.

Oh, there were many dignitaries there, especially global politicians, they don’t miss an event like this for the photo-ops, although our president did.  However, they do little in real life to represent the cause that the commemoration portrays.  For example, what are they doing to eliminate the antisemitism that is once again pervasive?

Well, there was one and he wasn’t a politician, that put the day in perspective with a combative undertone in relation to the massacre at a Paris kosher supermarket this month.

That separate event in Paris would not have gotten any notoriety had it not taken place at the same time that radical Islamic terrorists had not slaughtered staff members of the satirist magazine Charlie Hebdo as a result of a satirical cartoon of Mohammad published years ago.

“I was going to make a very different speech here today,” said Ronald Lauder, the American philanthropist and president of the World Jewish Congress. 

“But after the recent events in Paris and around the world I cannot ignore what is happening today.  Jews are targeted in Europe once again because they are Jews.  

“There are mass demonstrations with thousands of people shouting death threats to the state of Israel and to Jews.

“It happened so slowly and it all seemed so unimportant that few people paid any attention.  Until now, when Europe suddenly awoke to find itself surrounded by antisemitism again and it looks more like 1933 than 2015. Once again, young Jewish boys are afraid to wear yarmulkes on the streets of Paris and Budapest and London and even Berlin.”  At the root of it all, he said, were “lies about Israel.”

He went on: “We all learned that when you tell a lie three times and there is no response, then the lie becomes the truth.”

There are many wars going on around the globe today, but when the leader of the world, who is fighting on many fronts, the United States of America and its President, Barack Hussein Obama, cannot identify the enemy with words as to who we are fighting and what we are fighting against — ‘Radical Islamic Terrorists’ — we are re-visiting once again Adolph Hitler’s Nazi Germany, and the antisemitism and the passive resistance that resulted in the holocaust.










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