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America Is Over Media-Saturated From Both Sides Of The Political Spectrum

  New York (Storch Report)  – Yes, we have come to a time because of the divergence of progressive political forces that socially we are over media-saturated with an over-abundance of overwhelming negative news, but in a period of good … Continue reading

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Global Warming

Davos, Switzerland (Storch Report) – I don’t believe in it!

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‘Secret Society’ Of ‘Snakes in the Swamp’

Could the ‘Secret Society’ within the FBI be much like the secret society of the ‘Skull & Bones’ at Yale, the forerunner of the CIA, or, perhaps, the Da Vinci Code of the Vatican and the Masons?

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Trump Presidency Exposes Hatred Of Progressives, Main Stream Media Fake News, And More . . .

Washington DC (Storch Report) – Because of the nation’s decision for change a year ago, the character they voted into the presidency has revealed more about the way in which this democracy works than anyone wanted to know, and while … Continue reading

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Golden Globes A Sea Of Black

  Hollywood (Storch Report) – It was a performance of up’s and mostly downs at the Golden Globes last night, not bad, considering that it was originally cast as a funeral protesting the sexual harassment of men over women.

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West Bend (Storch Report) – Privilege is perceived in today’s culture as being white, privilege is being born to a sex in which you are comfortable, privilege is coming from a family of means and privilege is being born in … Continue reading

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