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Power Brokers Of Sex

Washington DC (Storch Report) – Men have participated in acts of sex along with the oldest profession practiced by women of prostitution. 

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Restaurant Happenings On Manasota Key

  Manasota Key Fl (Storch Report) – Gulf View Grill is now the Waverly Restaurant And Bar, Flounders is now the Sand Bar, Lock ‘N Key remains the same and the Manasota Key Coffee House closed.

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Progressive Liberal Mania & Left Wing Media Psychosis Belies The Truth

New York (Storch Report) – Screaming at the sky protesting Trump’s presidency a year after his election appears to me to be bizarre behavior by liberal Americans.

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Elder Statesman Of Bush Clan Shows Mettle

New York (Storch Report) – Republican elitism rears its ugly head among the Bush clan from George H. W. to George W. 

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