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Left-Wing Media Attacks Melania’s Shoes On President’s Hurricane Harvey Visit To Texas

Corpus Christi TX (Storch Report) – It was not enough for the left-wing media to cover heart-warming stories that people were helping people during hurricane Harvey, which left 38 people dead and 30,000 homeless, they found room in their coverage … Continue reading

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Two Little Known Stories About Jerry Lewis 1926 – 2017

  Irvington NJ (Storch Report) – I too was an alumnus of Union Avenue School, Irvington High School and a soda jerk at Gerstein’s Drug store on Chancellor Avenue in Irvington N.J., as was Jerry Lewis.

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Hate Is Self-Destructive

  Virginia (Storch Report) – Across the Potomac on a Hill in Arlington Cemetery there’s the Robert E. Lee home . . . are we going to burn it down? We study history to learn from it, not erase it.

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Trump Anxiety Spawns New Profession, ‘The Cuddliest’

New York (Storch Report) – I just couldn’t let this one pass . . .  Apparently Trump anxiety among progressive liberals is so pervasive it has spawned a new profession of ‘Cuddliest’s.’ 

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America, Tread Carefully On Your Democracy

  Washington DC (Storch Report) – America is going down a path it may very well regret, motivated by the politics of elitists from both Parties in Congress.  

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