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TribalismTaking Hold In America

  Washington DC (Storch Report) – The reptiles reared their heads from the murky DC Swamp on the 64th day of Donald J. Trump’s presidency to kill his campaign promise to repeal and replace Obamacare.

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Common Sense v No Sense

  Washington DC (Storch Report) — Political Correctness has seriously invaded the brains of some persons with no sense v common sense in the United States.

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Little Difference Between Bias, Politics In The Confirmation Of A Supreme Court Justice Than Writing A News Story

  Washington DC (Storch Report) — The sounds of bias and politics rings as true in the Senate Judiciary Committee’s process of confirming a judge for the Supreme Court as it does in the writing by the media of a … Continue reading

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Trump Must Defeat The Elitists Of His Own Party

  TWEET: If the FBI was investigating Gen Mike Flynn for his ties to Russia during the Trump campaign for the presidency, how would it be possible for Trump Tower not to be under surveillance as President Trump alleges? 3/20/17 … Continue reading

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Charlotte County Fl Plans To Import Tourist Access To All Beaches On Manasota Key To Pay For Sand

  In order to get sand on Manasota Key Fl beaches and money from the state and the Feds, Charlotte County Commissioners plan to import tourists from the north end of the key in Sarasota County to offset the costs … Continue reading

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New Page ‘Fake News’ Introduced On Website

Because President Trump has made ‘Fake News’ an ongoing issue and the mainstream media continues to publish it, has introduced a new page to it’s website entitled ‘Fake News.’ Every attempt possible will be made to Chronicle the fake … Continue reading

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Truth Without Bias Is Impossible To Tell As A Journalist

  It was the Donald, as in President Trump that drew to the nation’s attention ‘Fake News’ in a ‘Tweet’ of 140 characters.

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Women Stayed Home – Men Went To Work

  (Storch Report) — Very simply, that’s the difference between men and women, men went to work yesterday and women didn’t and why men achieve and earn more. 

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