Charlotte County Fl Plans To Import Tourist Access To All Beaches On Manasota Key To Pay For Sand


In order to get sand on Manasota Key Fl beaches and money from the state and the Feds, Charlotte County Commissioners plan to import tourists from the north end of the key in Sarasota County to offset the costs of a beach re-nourishment program. Continue reading

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New Page ‘Fake News’ Introduced On Website

Because President Trump has made ‘Fake News’ an ongoing issue and the mainstream media continues to publish it, has introduced a new page to it’s website entitled ‘Fake News.’ Every attempt possible will be made to Chronicle the fake news published and so identify it as such.

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Truth Without Bias Is Impossible To Tell As A Journalist


It was the Donald, as in President Trump that drew to the nation’s attention ‘Fake News’ in a ‘Tweet’ of 140 characters. Continue reading

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Women Stayed Home – Men Went To Work


(Storch Report) — Very simply, that’s the difference between men and women, men went to work yesterday and women didn’t and why men achieve and earn more.  Continue reading

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‘Fake News?’ NBC Thinks It’s Their “Job” To Control, “Exactly What People Think”


Washington DC (Storch Report) — The New York Times thinks it publishes with its motto, ‘All the News that’s fit to Print,’ and the Washington Post now thinks with its new motto, ‘Democracy Dies in Darkness’ and journalist Mika Brezeznski of MSNBC thinks, ‘Our Job’ is to control, ‘Exactly what people think.’ Continue reading

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‘Boca Grand Day’ It Is Not


Boca Grande Fl (Storch Report) — There is a barrier reef to the south of where I write this column called Boca Grande. Continue reading

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Trump Delivers On His Promises; Main Stream Media Undermines Accomplishments; McCain Pulls An Obama On Foreign Soil


Washington DC (Storch Report) – In one month President Trump takes steps to deliver what he promised during his presidential campaign while left wing progressives, still smarting from their loss, attempt to de-legitimize his presidency and the left wing main stream media goes beyond its adversarial role to undermine the positive evolving from the Trump administration. Continue reading

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PETSD Epidemic Spreading Among Democrats In US


Washington DC (Storch Report) — According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Post Electoral Traumatic Stress Disorder (PETSD) is rampantly spreading among democrats in the United States and has now reached epidemic proportions. Continue reading

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Dems Suffering Hissy Fits And Senior Moments


Washington DC (Storch Report) — House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) became the poster girl this week for a party that has lost itself within the Trump phenomenon and is now functioning somewhere in the Twilight Zone. 

Continue reading

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Millennium Fast Talk


Washington DC (Storch Report) — Do you remember the days of the orator?  If not allow me to remind you of Churchill, Roosevelt, Cronkite, Huntley-Brinkley, Buckley and JFK all with a style of delivery that was anything but fast talk, but they mesmerized  you with words and a message that was memorable. Continue reading

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