NYC WEATHERBlizzard whips through NY with 2 to 3 ft of snow predicted Monday & Tuesday

3,000 flights canceled due to Northeast blizzard

deflated footballs 2Storch Report — NFL Goodell’s ‘Deflate-gate’ is about as transparent as Obama’s ‘Benghazi-gate’

Lion and ManAbandoned Lion cub who became best friends with man

Can't file tax return94-year-old Vet can’t file tax return because IRS says he’s dead

A Brown Pelican glides along the shoreline in La Jolla, CaliforniaFlorida Pelicans dying in serial slashings near Tampa

Chicago Cubs legend Ernie Banks Dead at 83

Krauthammer says Rubio most likely to win GOP nomination

Jeb Bush previews 2016 run, promising ‘adult conversations’ on big issues

VanSusteren elevatorVanSusteren, Graham trapped in plunging elevator in Hanoi

Graham quips: “If it (elevator) goes down, I’m going up”

Rubio makes his moveFlorida’s Marco Rubio moves toward 2016 presidential bid

Fruit Loop InterviewObama Won’t Meet With Netanyahu But Gives Interview To Woman Who Eats Fruit Loops From A Bathtub

Saudi King Dead At 90

O's SteamrollerNew equipment added to O’s pen and phone

White House Aide Says Obama Will ‘Steamroll’ Dems Who Split From His Policies

CronkingStorch Report — NFL Penalty For New England’s Deflation-Gate Should Send The Colts To The Super Bowl And Label The Patriots ‘Cheaters’

Belichick, Brady: “I Don’t Know”

DeflagateIt’s Official NFL Says Patriots Cheated, Deflated 11 of 12 Balls

deflated football

Storch Report — Balls-R-Sports (Satire)

Rosie Perez Not Fired From “The View,’ Will Be Back Feb 3

New Police Radars Can ‘See’ Inside Homes

Pope Puts Limits On Free Speech

Jarrett brokered allianceValerie Jarrett Brokered The Obama-Sharpton Alliance

Cuba PosterCuba, Confounding And ConfusingĀ 

Obama speaking on terrorism in ParisStorch Report — The Waring Winds Of Radical Islamism (Essay)

ProfilingStorch Report — Profile! Profile! Profile!

SnowbirdsStorch Report — I Always Thought They Could Read . . . (Satire)

THUMBNAIL_IMAGE of book coverStorch Report — Obama The President Who Praises Himself For His Failures (Political Analysis)