North Korea Says It’s Not Involved In Sony Hack; Proposes Joint Probe With US

Obama smelling cuban cigarSmells Cuban

Guess Where Obama Is . . . On Vacation!

mistakeO Says Sony Made A Mistake

North Korea Planned Attacks On US Nuclear Plants

Memos Soar Under Obama

Storch Report — Obama’s Disingenuous Executive Orders Growing By Memos (Think Piece)

Barack & Michelle hugging

Storch Report — The Obama’s Discuss Racial Indignities They Have Had To Endure (Satire)

Cuban Flag

Congressional Critics Ready To Block Obama Push To Normalize Cuban Relations

Sony Cancels Release Of ‘The Interview’ Due To Threats By North Korea

Policy shift with Cuba

Obama Declares Policy Shift In US Relations With Cuba

Rubio Blasts Obama’s Concessions With Cuba, calls O Worst Negotiator Since Carter

Ruling by Memo

O The Emperor Rules By “Memoranda”

American Alan Gross Released After 5 Years In Cuban Prison

INF - Prince George At Kensington PalacePerhaps I Should Get Prince George To Sell My Book The Way He Sells Sweaters

Prison Sex & PizzaWife Of John Lennon’s Killer Says Marriage Is Strong With Prison Sex And Pizza

Jeb Bush ButtonJeb Bush Is In . . . 

Jeb Bush Will ‘Actively Explore’ 2016 Run

 ·  33m 33 minutes ago

I am excited to announce I will actively explore the possibility of running for President of the United States: .

Russian Ruble Falls To Historic Lows

New York Times Lays Off More Than 100 From Newsroom

Children slaughter

Taliban Fighters Slaughter More Than 100 Children In Pakistan School

Protest in Dresden15,000 ‘Pinstriped Nazis’ Protest Islamisation Of West In Dresden

Four Pinocchio's

Storch Report — Be Careful Of What You Believe

Elizabeth Waren  opposes Wall Street provisionCivil War Brewing Within Dem Party?

Anti HillaryObama Operatives Launch Campaign Against Hillary In 2016

Gold Dome of Notre DameStorch Report — From College Campuses To The White House Liberals Seed Racism

New Taiwanese War ShipTaiwanese Flexing Military Might With New Stealth War Ship

Big Gulp

New Way To Promote, Sign-Up For Obamacare And Get A Big Gulp — 7-Eleven


Bush BusinessJeb Bush Has A Mitt Romney Problem

Dianne FeinsteinStorch Report — Obama’s Nakedly Partisan Politics

Cheney on CIA ReportBush Authorized Torture; CIA Fights Back; Cheney Says Report ‘Full Of Cr**’

President Who Vowed To End War, Now Seeks Sweeping Power To Expand It

Symbol of MaliceStorch Report: Malice With Intent? (Essay)

Compton Says Obama Launches ‘Profanity-Laced’ Tirades Against Press

Real State Of Union: Big Three Networks Covering Up Obama’s Failures

Russian spy and SnowdenSexy Russian Spy ‘Tried To Seduce’ Snowden

Obama Says Racism Is ‘Deeply Rooted’ In America

Obama Released 30,862 Foreign Criminals Into US; Repatriated Less Than 1% Of 12M Illegals 

Hillary empathize with enemyStorch Report — Hillary Just Shot Herself In Her Left Food Suggesting America ‘Empathize’ With Its Enemies

Storch Report — Social Media A Superficial Culture (Commentary)

alinsky1Storch Report — Obama’s Dream With Saul Alinsky (Satire)