Killer pilot had been treated for suicidal tendencies years before Alps crash

One dead 2 injured in a shooting outside NSA headquarters at Ft, Meade

SeientologyHBO film claims to reveal shocking secrets of Scientology, celebrity religion

8 Dead 8 dead 10 injured after church van crashes in More Haven Fl

NY Post: Google controls what we buy . . . news we read . . . Obama policies


Can coffee reduce damage of alcohol?  Each cup may reduce risk of liver cancer by 14 % study finds

weather underground bomer unmasked

Weather Underground bomber unmasked — as NYC schoolteacher

Panama Beach Slaying7 Shot – 3 critical – by gunman at Panama City Beach Fl. spring break party


Ex-Hillary aide’s spy network funneled Intel to Clinton’s private email about Libya crisis before Benghazi

Surprise: Hillary Clinton wiped her server clean

Hillary gets special protection on Wikipedia

NY Times says no need to prosecute Bergdahl

Reid to leave Senate, Amen

Andreas Lubitz runs the Airportrace half marathon in Hamburg

Kamikaze pilot hid illness from employers, heartbroken over breakup

Knox & Sollecito cleared of murder in Italy

US caves to key Iranian demands in Nuke deal

Israel Nuclear ReactorObama Revenge: US declassifies document revealing Israel’s nuclear program

Killer co-pilotKiller co-pilot had to stop training because he was depressed and suffering ‘burnout’

Co-Pilot deliberately crashed Germanwings plane into Alps

Profile emerges of co-pilot who took plane into death dive

DopeyStorch Report — Obama Politics: 5 Islamic terrorists jailed in Gitmo exchanged for a now charged Army deserter

Army charges Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl with desertion

Rubio accuses Obama

Rubio says Obama sent his top political operatives to Israel to defeat Netanyahu

AnimusStorch Report — What is Obama’s motive for not letting a good crisis go to waste? (Monologue)

WH florist resignsWhite House florist resigns wilting under pressure from Michelle Obama

Mariel Hemingway's bookYoung Mariel Hemingway had to rebuff Woody Allen’s advances

Israel reportedly spied on Iran nuclear talks in effort to lobby Congress Against deal

US-POLITICS-CLINTONHillary thinks her email scandal is a joke

Angelina Jolie had surgery to remove ovaries, due to cancer risk

More exercise, less juice for kids says DeBlasio

weigh kidsFeds to weigh kids in daycare’s as part of Michelle Obama’s Healthy Kids Initiative

4 second RuleBook: Control your life with the 4 second rule

cheap wines

Lawsuit claims popular cheap California wines contain arsenic levels double safe standard

EPA USA OBAMA  CLEVELAND POL GOVERNMENT USA OHStorch Report — Obama the Transformer (Commentary)

Monica Lewinsky is back, this time under her termsJames CarvilleStorch Report — There’s ‘Aw Shucks Bill’ and ‘No Comment Hill . . .’ (Political Analysis)

Storch book of satire on Obama featured in GASPARILLA (Fl) Magazine

“A clever thought-provoking collection of satire,” says Gasparilla Magazine

New book chronicles six years of Obama in satire

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