Trump Hat Camo

New York (Storch Report) — I had a different column prepared for today anticipating a Hillary Clinton win based upon poll projections and my own prognostications of gloom and doom for America if she won.

But as the election returns began to come in, including some outside election results such as bookies adjusting the odds in favor of Trump, the Dow futures tanking by some 800 points and the New York Times predicting a 91% chance that Trump would win, I trashed my previous column.

My faith was restored in the American electorate.

It was a replay of the Brexit vote in the UK.

The people should never be taken for granted, least of all the middle class.

The elitists of America who make up the 1% of the wealthy in this country were touting Hillary despite her faults and unpopularity along with banks and Wall street for one purpose — to protect their portfolio’s and to maintain the status quo.  This is because nothing disturbs Wall Street more than uncertainty.

And, Trump was and is perceived as an uncertainty.

Today they can all review their losses and reset their priorities.

As for me, I am not part of the 1%, but I do have a portfolio and I too will review my losses, but while watching the returns I was wearing my Trump hat, ‘Make America Great Again.’

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